While Buddhism is food for the soul in Thailand...rice is food for the body.  Ghin khao!

A local rice shop

Rice: Oryza sativa, “the staff of life” of the Orient, is served with almost every meal in Thailand.  We certainly eat it regularily. Hundreds of varieties once grew here.  Now only nine kinds are grown regularly.

Considered among the best is the fragrant white Jasmine rice. Sticky (or glutinous) rice is more common in the north. Organic and health food restaurants often serve a mixture of

brown and expensive red rice. Typically, this is often served with vegetables and spicy dishes. When people are going to have dinner, they say “ghin khao.”  Literally it means “eat rice!” but a more accurate translation of the meaning is “Let’s eat!”

Here are some samples of rice.

Brown Rice

White & Brown Rice

White Rice

Pink Rice

Glutenous Rice

Red Rice

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