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    First Thoughts - February, 1999   

        It was a cold day even for February in Minnesota.  Carol turned to me. "What do you think about joining the Peace Corps?"  Thoughts rushed through my head:  You're kidding, right? It's only been 10 months since my bypass surgery!  Retirement just ahead,  I'll be 67.  I'm a computer hack, for heaven's sake! Eleven years a college computing director!  Six children, eleven grandchildren. What could I possibly do in the Peace Corps?  "There's an idea," I mumbled, buying time. 

            It's true we'd been researching life-after -retirement options for months now - animal research, ecology work, Habitat for Humanity. Carol thought of teaching back at the Oaks Indian Center in Oklahoma or re-opening her private practice as a psychologist.  This time in a warmer climate.

            We thought about relocating, too. With 10 years in Northfield, MN under our belts, we knew we enjoyed college towns.  Road trips took us past a few looking for options.  Fayetteville, AR was a possibility, awfully hot and a bit more college than we were thinking of, but at least Carol's parents live nearby.  The fact that they're  aging had to be considered. 

    Who'd think that one question could put us in a 180 degree turn.  Peace Corps... the idea was growing on me.  

    This is how it all unfolds.  -OK, well - today 10 years later it seems to me that reading about our roller coaster ride which finally ended in Thailand appears a bit tedious unless you want to try to get into the Peace Corps yourself. The music I added seems obnoxious today.

    Here a fast forward to our training period >>> In Country


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